Why Did Kim & Kanye’s Wedding Become A Hater’s Playground

I first saw photos of  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding on Instagram, and let me tell you, nothing brings out pure evil in people like someone else’s happiness. Yes, the wedding picture broke Instagram records with it being the most liked photo on the social media platform (surpassing the 2 million mark) but the haters still came out in droves.   Internet-memes-haters-gon-snow Some comments were beyond disrespectful, others plain mean spirited, and some so crass, I’m ashamed to repeat. But shit hit the fan when I saw this photo Kim K-Kanye

I could do nothing but shake my head in dismay and wonder: Who told you to hate Kim Kardashian?

You don’t like Kanye? Fine. Despite his undeniable talent, Kanye thinks he’s the biggest baddest rockstar in the world and his lack of humility makes hating on him easy. So yes, although I look at Kanye differently, I get it.

But Kim’s haters are dedicated and zealous. They lust after any opportunity to demonstrate their disapproval of the socialite like it’s their civic duty. We all know Kim became an overnight celebrity when the sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J leaked. One would assume after a videotaped romp in the hay became public knowledge, Kim would surrender to embarrassment.

No ma’am!

Kim didn’t hide, or cower. She used her new-found celebrity to build a $40 million empire, which is more than the net worth of ex-husband Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush and Ray J combined!

Kim’s endorsement deals include but are not limited to: Sketchers Shape Up sneakers, the Sears Kardashian Collection with her sisters, Quick Trim Weight Loss, her three perfumes along with making $80,000 per episode from her family reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

You want to know Ray J’s endorsement? Brandy’s little brother inked a $1 million deal with skin care company Princereigns, which is an all natural ingrown hair serum.

Ingrown hairs, folks!

Yet despite being a successful businesswoman and highly sought after media personality, people still label Kimberly a harlot because she’s dated/ married more than the amount of men some deem appropriate. Well, I’ve been dating since I was 16, and having sex since I was 18, feel free to assume whatever number you’d like. Breaking news, people! women have sex, and some have a large body count. It by no means, mean we’re whores, sluts, or morally wayward women. It does mean we love sex as much as you boys do, we just can’t tell you boys that!

 Amber Rose, who is now a wife and mother was a stripper who also had her fair share released nude photos. She may not have made the same $5 million on the pole like Kim K made after settling  her sex tape lawsuit with Vivid Entertainment, but she did use her body, which got her the attention of Kanye and catapulted her to success. But for some reason Amber (who I think is gorgeous and love) gets to leave her past in her past. Why not Kim?

Snow white hater gif

Is it because Kimberly is a reality star and doesn’t have any real talent? Is it because she’s everywhere and you can’t, even if you tried, not know who she is or what she’s doing? Is it because she’s a rich “white girl” who’s famous lawyer daddy left her and the rest of the family $100 million estate? Could it be because she doesn’t apologize for her wealth? Or hide her lavish life?

Or is it because she didn’t say sorry for having made a mistake? Did people expect Kim to beg for the world’s forgiveness because she was caught having sex with her BOYFRIEND? Not some random man, but her THEN BOYFRIEND? Did it piss people off more that after her sex tape ordeal, she still had a thriving dating life?

Whether you like it or not, Kim K isn’t waiting for anyone to give her, her fairy tale ending. She’s not waiting for anyone’s approval. She’s not waiting for your acceptance and she’s definitely not waiting for guys to get over a poor choice she made (drum roll) ELEVEN YEARS AGO!

Kim K, for all intents and purposes is a modern-day woman who calls her own shots, makes her own money and has an ass that will make any grown man cry (and a lot of women jealous) So excuse me if  she still wants her prince charming. Is Kim K so far pass redemption that even the high priestess of reality television herself does not deserve love?

So she kissed a few frogs along the way to finding her knight in shining armor. If we all looked back on the countless losers we dated, Kimberly’s list of guys might not look that bad. At least her ex boo’s had a few coins. How many women can say they put up with bull from broke “Lemme hold $20, I got you on payday” Ashy Larry’s?

Fantasia-Gif (1)

So I ask you again. Who told you to hate Kim Kardashian? and more importantly, why did you listen?

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